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Bronx River Conservation Crew

Our Conservation Crew members work in collaboration with Alliance partners to protect, improve, and restore conditions on the Bronx River. We view restoration at a watershed-scale, looking to find the areas where we can make the largest impact. Much of our time is spent in invasive plant removal and revegetation wtih native plant species. We hope this will help stabilize fragile riparian soils and provide vital food sources for declining native pollinating insect populations.

As first responders, our Crew are the eyes and ears of the river. They are responsible for assessing and maintaining the river corridor and greenway, removing blockages, trash accumulation, and vandalism as they occur, to maintain the river’s navigability for small boats and access to the riverbanks by foot. They often are the first to notice an oil spill or illegal dumping.

Have you seen an oil spill on the river? If so, report it to 311 immediately!

In 2016, we celebrated the planting of our 100,000th plant!

We provide mentorship for green job training programs for groups like Sustainable South Bronx’s B.E.S.T (Bronx Environmental Stewardship Training) Program in ecology and river management, with all of our senior Crew members numbering among its graduates. Through our Apprenticeship program, graduates have found career opportunities in ecology and in team management with NYC Parks Jobs. The Crew also works with volunteers, community-based organizations, school groups, and other restoration teams. These collaborative relationships provide the opportunity for Crew members to mentor youth who are interested in restoration, which will ensure future stewardship of the River by engaging youth and resident volunteers.


For more information about the Crew, contact Conservation Manager, Michael Mendez: