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The Bronx River Classroom

The Bronx River Classroom
The River and its watershed are living laboratories. The Bronx River Classroom offers support to a growing number of teachers and community educators who use, or would like to use, the Bronx River and adjacent areas as outdoor classrooms. We provide teachers and community-based educators with training, curriculum consulting, lesson plans,  equipment, supplies, in-field support and a network of experts to help them become more aware of the river, understand its importance and take part in its protection. Intake Forms Available Here. The Bronx River Alliance is an approved Department of Education vendor.

Year Round Programming (January-December)
Water Quality Monitoring Exploration: Have students become real river doctors as they look to make a scientific diagnosis of the rivers health. By using hands on equipment, students will be testing for different parameters that are key in understanding environmental health, this experience helps students think critically about how the surrounding environment affects the chemical and physical state of the Bronx River.

Students determine the DO of the Bronx River!

Dive into Macroinvertebrates: Encourage your students to become real time scientists. Macroinvertebrates are an indicator of the health and quality of the water they are living in. Done through kick net or leaf pack, your students will be exposed to the low lying organisms of the food chain and understanding what their presence means in terms of health of the river. Small groups encouraged.

Project WASTE: Did you know that you influence the Bronx River every day? Project WASTE is designed to make communities aware of one of the biggest impairments along the Bronx River, litter. Each year, thousands of floatables end up within the Bronx River impacting our wildlife and health of the river. This project can be a long term hyper local project focusing on community impacts and/or short term down by the river collecting litter and data part of a community outreach project.

Spring Programming (March-July)
Bronx River Fish Passage Tour: Take a walk to see the Bronx’s first fish ladder at the 182nd street dam and learn about the grand diadromous fish, the Alewife Herring, and their triumphant travels to and from the Bronx River. Explore how Natural Resource Group and the BxRA are helping these fish over barrier dams that have been in place since the 1800’s.

Eel Mopping Activity: Roll up your sleeves and get ready to shake some artificial habitats. American Eel look to return to the Bronx River each Spring to grow through different life stages within the freshwater areas of the river. The Alliance uses artificial habitats called eel mops to attract the eel into safe grounds during the day to avoid predation. Students will be involved in a population and life stage research project in order to determine the survival rates of eel along the Bronx River. Small groups encouraged.

Summer Programming (July-August)
Raingarden Reporting Program: How much do you know about the Bronx River Watershed and Sewer shed? Test your knowledge on an interactive walk to understand how our personal decisions and green infrastructure effect the Bronx River. Learn how to become citizen science advocates and how you can make a difference in your neighborhood.

Fall Programming (September-December)

A Tree Grows in the Bronx: Trees Grow in the Bronx is aimed to help students in Bronx schools foster an awareness of trees and the local environment. This project will help students understand why trees should be protected and how their daily actions make a difference. While living in an environment that has more buildings and sidewalks than tree pits, students are not often given the opportunity to observe nature in a consistent and up-close matter. This program is aimed to change the interactions students have with the natural plant life environment and help them understand the importance of greenery and the old growth forest living along the Bronx River.

Planting in the Bronx River Forest!