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June 09, 2012 (10AM - 1PM)
Bronx River Ramble - Missing Link 3 - Scarsdale to Hartsdale
Scarsdale Metro North Station

Bronx River Ramble: Scarsdale to Hartsdale
10AM - 1PM
Meet at the Scarsdale Metro-North station (Harlem Line)

Save the date for the third and final Ramble of a three-part series: Missing Links. The Ramble will explore the missing trails that parallel the Bronx River while learning interesting facts about the local history and ecology of the neighborhoods surrounding the river.

Tour: Between Scarsdale and Hartsdale the Bronx River Valley becomes too narrow to accommodate roadways, the railroad, and the Bronx River Pathway, so the Pathway lost out. But we’ll show you how to get from Scarsdale to Hartsdale by two routes (one recommended, the other not.) We’ll see the beginnings of the beautiful Garth Woods, and follow a short river pathway that ends at a footbridge. We’ll get an engineer’s view of an unusual road viaduct crossing the River, walk amidst the beautiful homes along Fox Meadow Road (where the only foxes today are in people’s coat closets), see where the Bronx River’s history inspired the first bestselling novel by an early American author, encounter the opening clash of the Battle of White Plains, and learn where the Bronx River’s waters once ran, in a place you might not expect.

Details: The tour meets at 10AM, Saturday, June 9th, at Scarsdale Station on the Metro North Harlem Line (hourly service from Fordham and other Bronx stations; see for current schedules) and end at Hartsdale Station, from which we will board the train home. The tour is free and requires no reservation, and will take about 2½ hours, so wear comfortable walking shoes and bring water and snacks (there will also be a Starbucks at Hartsdale.) If you’re in the mood, we can take a side trip to the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery, a veritable Woodlawn for doggies (and other critters.)

June 09, 2012 (10:00 am)
Upper River Run
219th to 180th street

Mark your calendars for a canoe trip along the northern stretch of the Bronx River. Experience the Bronx River like you've never experienced it before.