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November 10, 2012 (10AM - 1PM)
Bronx River Ramble: STARLIGHT PARK
West Farms Square, Boston Road & East Tremont Avenue

Join fellow Bronx River Rambler Stephen Paul DeVillo as we explore both the new Starlight Park and the
legendary old Starlight Park.

We'll walk around Starlight Park and the West Farms neighborhood and work our way around the neighborhood, taking in the RKO Chester, the Bolton Bleachery, Drew Gardens, West Farms Rapids, the New York Westchester & Boston (100th anniversary), River Park, Delancey's Cow-boys and the Blockhouse, River Park (and the boathouse), the Bronx Park Casino, the Old West Farms Soldiers Cemetery, the Peabody Home, and a few other things.

Should be a beautiful day too!

The tour begins at 10AM Saturday, November 10th at West Farms Square, Boston Road and East Tremont Avenue. (#2 or 5 subway West Farms Square Station; also reachable by Bx 9, 21, 36, 40 and 42 Buses.)

The tour is free and requires no reservations, and will take about 2½ hours, please wear comfortable shoes and bring water.

For more information call the Bronx River Alliance at 718-430-4665 or