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There are many ways to explore the Bronx River. Take a walk along the river. Get out your bike or blades and reacquaint yourself with the deep pools and sparkling surfaces of this free flowing little water body. Bring a friend, a fishing rod; organize a picnic or ball game: remind people of this river that shares its name with a borough, a parkway, an avenue and a cheer. Here we provide a number of resources to help guide you in your journey along the river.
If you want to look deeper, take a tour with the Urban Park Rangers to learn more about the river’s history and ecology. You can “adopt” a section of the river and look after it on a regular basis. Join neighbors and friends cleaning the shoreline and planting on its banks in the fall and spring. Get out on the river in a boat or canoe, or help organize a river festival. If you are artistically minded, you can photograph or sketch the river and mount an exhibition. Organize a concert or raise funds for restorations. If you own a business, you can sponsor clean-up programs, and help pay for trail restoration and river awareness activities.

Several local environmental groups actively seek interested volunteers to help restore the river’s ecology and study its plants and wildlife. Team up with the Education Program of the Bronx River Alliance to test and monitor the quality of the water or work with the Outreach Program to plan river clean-ups and other events. The Bronx River Alliance can help you find an organization that matches your interests, whether it be improving the river in Westchester, advocating for environmental justice, learning how to paddle or even building a boat.

It’s your river! However you come to it, join the ever-growing corps of citizens dedicated to preserving and improving this ancient and beautiful section of the New York City landscape. You can contact our Outreach Manager, Joseph Sanchez at 718.430.4636 or email and we’ll add you to our email list about Bronx River events and initiatives, and let you know how you can join us.