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Invasive Species: Bronx River’s Most Wanted

Oriental Bittersweet

Alias: Celastrus Orbiculatus

  • – a climbing woody vine that blankets trees, shrubs, and manmade structures,
  • – may reach sizes up to 66’ long, with stems 4” around
  • – flowers in may-june, with bright orange berries developed by july-oct
  • – distinct orange roots


Common Reed

Alias: Phragmites

  • – an aggressive, perennial dense grass growing in and near water, may reach sizes up to 18’ tall
  • – stems are hollow, typically green during the growing season and dries yellow in the winter
  • – purple flowers bloom in late july/august, containing seeds that appear fluffy like wheat


If you have seen these most wanted species

  1. upload an image to inaturalist and use your phone’s gps to tag the specific location
  2. visit nyis.info for more information on invasives
  3. contact the bronx river alliance with information at christian.murphy@bronxriver.org.