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Welcome to our blog—or bio-log—about the Bronx River!
Every day, Alliance staff and partners are making progress in our work to restore and improve the Bronx River. These daily accomplishments and observations are logged here to share what's going on!

Also known as a bio-log: High density coir net stuffed with mattress fiber for soil stabilization, sediment retention and vegetation establishment, see photo.


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December 01, 2017
Coyotes in the Bronx?!

 Did you know we have coyotes in the Bronx? In fact, scientists studying their habitat ranges have found adults and pups! Read more in this journal article describing methods and findings: 
Nagy C, Weckel M, Monzón J, Duncan N, Rosenthal MR (2017) Initial colonization of Long Island, New York by the eastern coyote, Canis latrans (Carnivora, Canidae), including first record of breeding. Check List 13(6): 901-907.

November 22, 2017
Ribbed mussels could help improve urban water quality

 You may know about the oysters on the Bronx River helping improve water quality, but did you know that other shellfish can be just as effective? Read more to find out how the ribbed mussels are helping remove excess nutrients from the river

November 17, 2017
NYC Gets an Earful on Solving Sewage Overflows

At the Citywide Long Term Control Plan meeting on November 15th, over 100 water advocates came out to Queens to show support for their local waterways, including a number of folks from the Bronx River. Couldn't make the meeting, but want to know more? Here's a great article written by one of our partners at the Natural Resources Defence Council.

November 09, 2017
Plastic-Free Waterways Series

 Take a look at this creative video series created by the Syracuse University Envioronmental Finance Center about platic waste. 

September 26, 2017
Does a river have rights?

Read this interesting article from the New York Times about the Colorado River possibly being recongnized as a person. This may be a good thing for our beloved Bronx River! 

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