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Restoration & Access

Protecting and restoring our cherished community resource

Video produced by our community partner, Wildlife Conservation Society

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Timeline of Impact

A once-polluted waterway has been transformed

The Bronx River has changed dramatically over the years. Thanks to a broad coalition of community-based organizations, what was once a polluted waterway has been transformed and restored into a clean and green place for everyone to enjoy.

br-greenway-shoelace-park-s-entrance-before br-greenway-shoelace-park-s-entrance-after

Before and after photos of just one portion of Shoelace Park.

Expanding Biodiversity

American eels & alewife herring access newly-restored habitat

For hundreds of years, the 182nd street dam prevented river herring from traveling upstream to spawn. That’s all changed, thanks to decades-long restoration work with our partners. Now both herring and American eels from the Atlantic Ocean can access newly-restored habitat in the Bronx River, promoting self-sustaining populations.

Animals and Plants of the River​

The ecosystem now teems with life

After centuries of historic industrial pollution and abuse—and decades of restoration—the Bronx river is now an ecosystem that is teeming with life. Before visiting the river yourself, take an in-depth look at the inhabitants as seen and captured by others. Seeing wildlife? Submit your own pictures!

A Closer Look

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A Big Shout Out

Thank you Conservation Crew and River Stewards!