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What Lives in the River?

After decades of hard work, our river is now an ecosystem teeming with life! Discover at some of our animal friends that call the Bronx River home.

Other Animals Seen on the River

Common Questions

Citizen Science

How do we know what lives in the river?

We’ve monitored environmental conditions, partnered with scientists and field experts, and learned lots about what flies, swims, and crawls in and around the Bronx River.

In the summer of 2016 we found eels at River Park as well as many other species. In addition, researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society have spent the last few years collecting lots of information on our American eels—these are special creatures!

Bronx River Alliance's iNaturalist Dashboard.

Citizen Science

What is one way that I can help?

For an in-depth look at the inhabitants of the Bronx River, check out our iNaturalist project, Bronx River Watershed NatureFinder! 

iNaturalist (a free webtool) compiles observations from photos people upload when they’re are out and about. Take a look at what others have found, and submit some observations of your own!

Watershed planning and policy

How does the Alliance help the fish and wildlife of the Bronx River?

People often ask how clean the water is. While it’s improving, ALWAYS remember we certainly can’t drink it, even if it looks clear! Nor should we eat the fish unless we follow the regional guidelines.

For the fish and other critters who live in the water, a lot of different factors all affect their habitat, like:

It’s especially important to protect our important natural resources in urban areas like the Bronx River. This takes more than time on the river. 

We are committed to supporting the river through resource planning, policy-making, and regional coordination.

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