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Volunteer with Us

Join Your Neighbors in Our Backyard

The river and the Alliance need your help!

Connect with others to restore our water and land

The Bronx River and our community go hand-in-hand. When you volunteer, you connect with the vibrant flow of nature that was long-hidden away. You connect with others who also care about our land, water, and community.  

Volunteering gives back in so many ways. 

Connect with People

Meet your neighbors and make new friends

Restoring our river and parks is a gift, and more than just to the eels and trees—it creates community.

When you volunteer with Bronx River Alliance, you work with neighbors and new friends. Together, we create a strong connection with others, focused on the same goal: making this a home for us all.

Do Something Meaningful

Build sustainability and self-determination in the Bronx

When we connect to our land (and help others connect), we have much more power as individuals and as a community.

By supporting our food forest, reversing the pollution of our river, making parks and trails more accessible, we become more sustainable and have more self-determination. We’re rebuilding the borough. Your volunteer efforts make that happen.


Experience Natural Wonder

Explore a 'different' side of the Bronx

We all know the subways, bodegas, and busy life in the Bronx. But we often miss what’s underneath it all: the land, river, and natural life. 

When you volunteer, you’ll see the “different” side of the Bronx, the birds, fish, and interrelated connection of nature. We won’t be surprised if you find your volunteer time really relaxing!


Volunteer Appeal

Why volunteer now? It makes a huge difference.

The Bronx River and surrounding land had been neglected and mistreated for so long, watching it start to come back to life has been amazing. And there’s so much more to do.

Now is the time to make a significant impact on the health of the river, the vitality and access of the parks and trails, and the success of our volunteer teams. Take a bit of time to join us now. You really make a difference. 

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, absolutely.

We love inspiring the next generation of volunteers on the Bronx River. However, please be sure to keep them under your supervision during an event. If the event appears too difficult for a child to do with a parent and/or guardian, you can have the child wait at the signup table with staff who can supervise them. 

A: Yes, we love helping the community achieve their goals.

Please provide any forms to the Volnteer Coordinator, who you can reach at volunteer@bronxriver.org. Please explain the specifics of your program and what objectives you need as well as the type of service you need. 

*If your service needs do not match the opportunities we have to offer, we are happy to do what we can to connect you to an agency best suited for your needs. 

A: Yes, we would love that.

It builds capacity in our communities, so that is a great step to help our parks stay clean and litter-free. Please reach out about the number of people in your group and whether they are a community group, corporate group, elected official’s office, school group, or something else.

Our tasks for large groups when working independently generally involve litter removal, so please bear that in mind when reserving your spot. 

A: Generally, yes we can help.

We have a limited number of supplies but we can do our best to provide 10-15 grabbers at a time. If planned in advance, we can perhaps provide 20 grabbers, which is the maximum number for an event at this time.

Once your event is completed, we ask that you please return them to 1490 Sheridan Blvd Bronx, NY 10459 (between 172nd and 173rd streets).

*Please do your best to return them within the next two business days after your event is completed. 

A: for all press related inquiries of any type, please reach out to our Communications Manager Thomas and/or the Executive Director Maggie. 

Thomas.Capozzi@bronxriver.org or maggie.greenfield@bronxriver.org. These individuals can help organize the logistics. 

*Please do not contact the Volnteer Coordinator about these specifics. They will simply refer you to these contacts. 

A: No, we just need you to bring your lovely self to volunteer!

However, it would help if you are in good enough physical condition to bend, stoop, and carry up to 30 pounds. We strive to be inclusive and can provide reasonable accommodations for any and all tasks we promote.

Please have close toed shoes, comfortable work clothes, and perhaps a hat if you want to prevent too much sun on those summer days. 
Water bottle, sunscreen, and that good ol’ “can-do” attitude. 


Volunteer Events