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Expanding Access to Parks and Trails

Developing the Greenway

We’ve transformed trash dumps and abandoned industrial areas to parks and trails along the full length of the river. Enjoy and support us—we’re not done! 

For hundreds of years, the Bronx River has gone through cycles of abuse and restoration. Today, the Alliance works to ensure it remains a vital natural resource to the community. 

We make sure all residents have ample opportunities to connect with nature and engage in activities along the eight miles running through the heart of the Bronx.

Together with community advocates and all levels of government, we are restitching the urban fabric and reconnecting communities to their waterfront. 

The Alliance promotes, supports and coordinates completion of the eight miles of greenway in the Bronx, aiming to make a full connection with the Westchester portion of the greenway. 

Large portions of our greenway need rehabilitation. In the South Bronx, that means development of new open space and parkland at sites including a reclaimed street end, and a long-neglected stretch of land across the river from Starlight Park.

Our community focus ensures that Bronx residents join with designers and agency representatives to decide how parks will be designed and projects implemented. 

This type of decision-making works for the organizations and community residents. We gain invaluable experience that lays the groundwork for tackling other community problems.

Restoration Projects and Efforts

We've made a ton of progress!

Over the last decades, we have transformed abandoned and uncared-for land into a place for people and native habitats. Come enjoy the parks and trails—and join us, as there’s still much more to do!

Concrete Plant Park

Revitalizing Abandoned Industrial Sites

The Bronx River Alliance, along with the Parks Department and others, revitalized this abandoned, tire-strewn industrial site. Now you can see the re-established salt marshes on the riverbank, enjoy community festivals, and access canoeing and kayaking on the Bronx river.

br-greenway-concrete-plant-park-before Public Park Transformations
br-greenway-shoelace-park-s-entrance-before br-greenway-shoelace-park-s-entrance-after

Shoelace Park

Adding a Boat Launch, Playgrounds and Trails!

As part of the Bronx River Greenway, Shoelace Park includes a boat launch, playgrounds, trails, and beautiful views. The upper path in the park used to be part of the original Bronx River Parkway… until cars got too fast for its curves! Shoelace Park is now part of the integrated series of parks along the river.

A closer look

Starlight Park

13 Acres of Public Green Space

Since 2013, Starlight Park has been part of an over 3/4 mile of greenway, connecting it with Bronx Park, Concrete Plant Park, and more. Paddler access starts at 174th St. Bridge for the float south.

A Closer Look

br-greenway-starlight-park-before br-greenway-starlight-park-after

Accomplishments over the years include:

Miles of New or Improved Paths
Acres of Greenway Added in the Bronx
Acres of New and Improved Parkland
0 +
Raised for Greenway Capital Projects
$ 0 M

Bronx River Greenway Plans & Standards

All part of a bigger vision and continuing effort

Yes, we’re happy with the clean-up, restoration, and access we and the community have created so far. The series of parks and trails is a great start. But it’s just a start. 

Learn more about our plans and standards to nurture both the community and wildlife habitat, so we can all continue to grow. 

Greenway Team

Meet the advocacy team working behind the scenes to improve the accessibility of the Greenway.