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Welcome to our blog—or bio-log—about the Bronx River!
Every day, Alliance staff and partners are making progress in our work to restore and improve the Bronx River. These daily accomplishments and observations are logged here to share what's going on!

Also known as a bio-log: High density coir net stuffed with mattress fiber for soil stabilization, sediment retention and vegetation establishment, see photo.


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January 25, 2013
Bronx River 1938

Interesting Bronx River Stories, 1938 1nd 1939.

March 01, 2012
City Year School Group Volunteers

On February 23rd, a group of volunteers from City Year School Group helped remove the invasive species, Japanese Knotweed, from Shoelace Park. The volunteers, 19 City Year employees and 70 middle school students, worked in conjunction with the Bronx River Eco Crew. With the combined effort of the two groups, we were able to remove a large amount of the Japanese Knotweed from Shoelace Park.

June 02, 2010
Goldman Sach Volunteer Restoration Work on Bronx Forest Education Trails

Goldman Sach is a corporate Volunteer Group which works with the Bronx River Alliance Crew. On May 10th, Marco (L) & James (R) from Goldman Sach came out planted 35 trees & shrubs. They also did some weeding which created an opening for a view of the river in the Bronx Forest along the Education Trail.

March 30, 2010
LaRon biolog

What I learned so far on my first week as a intern at the Bronx River Alliance was how to take apart a chainsaw clean it out and put it back together I also learned not to litter because it really affects the river ever since I been here I haven’t litter and I learned that a guy name Robert Moses brought the Japanese knotweed to the U.S knotweed is known as a invasive species or weed this plant can damage foundations, buildings, flood defenses, roads ,paving retaining walls and architectural .Robert Moses is well known for building the tri borough bridge which connects Manhattan Queens and The Bronx .I also made 30 plots that were 2x2 half a meter between each and the plots were for the invasive removal plant between botanical gardens NRG and the Bronx forest.

November 28, 2009
Rainwater barrel fence installation

Our Rainwater Harvest barrel was recently vandalized with graffiti. The conservation crew has placed a fence to protect it from future vandalism issues.

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