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Ecological Restoration

The Ecological Restoration and Management Program works to protect, improve, and restore the Bronx River corridor and Greenway. We tackle these projects using rigorous science, sound planning and research, and community-driven involvement to directly engage local residents in stewardship activities from the headwaters near the Kensico Dam in Westchester down to the mouth in Soundview Park in the Bronx. We are committed to involving people from throughout the region, working together with local and regional organizations, and meeting volunteers from all over our watershed, like at our recent Bronx River Watershed Summit.

Much of our on-the-ground work is done by our Conservation Crew whose role is to be the eyes and ears on the river. They are the first to spot and report oil spills and remove channel blockages that would be safety hazards to the public and to our on-water activities. Through our partnership with NYC Parks and the Natural Resources Group, we are responsible for the restoration of the river in the Bronx. include invasive plant removal and management, native species plantings, green infrastructure maintenance for stormwater management, riparian restoration.

The Bronx River Ecology Team—a committee of scientists, community activists, and public agency representatives— provides guidance and resources to help the Alliance set priorities and identify the most pressing ecological restoration projects for the community and the river. Our actions lead to better environmental policy and planning in both the city and the region, which in turn expands and strengthens other efforts to restore the watershed. Stay up-to-date with us on our Biolog.

To learn more about hands-on restoration of the Bronx River or the Eco Team, contact Michelle Luebke at:

Want to get involved in ecological monitoring and restoration efforts on the Bronx River?

Become a Citizen Science Steward!

Our programs include: Bronx River Stewards are anyone who might be interested in getting involved in hands-on data collection and environmental restoration work. We work with school groups, community groups, and individual residents who care about the Bronx River. Stewards may participate in any number of different monitoring studies, including water and soil quality conditions, trash levels in the river, organismal population data, health of trees and forests, and act as the primary watchdog for their stretch of the river!

Volunteer monitoring workshops are hosted through our Wade Into the River series to train educators and community members how to collect, submit, and share useful data by using stadardized protocols and equipment. Click here for more information on these trainings.

To become a Bronx River Citizen Science steward, please send your completed interest sheet here.

Have you seen people swimming the in the Bronx River? The river isn’t quite clean enough yet, but as an advocacy effort we need to show that people are using the river for swimming and recreation to demonstrate the need for clean water. Click the link below to fill out a short, anonymous survey.

Curious about what lives in the Bronx River?

    American eels  River herring  Beaver  follow Jose!

How do we know?

By monitoring conditions and through partnering with scientists and experts in their fields, we have been able to learn a lot about what flies, swims, and crawls in and around the Bronx River. In the summer of 2016 we found eels at River Park and all these species, plus researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society have been studying the American eels of the Bronx River for the past few years, collecting lots of information on these special creatures. 

How do we help the fish and wildlife of the Bronx River?

When people want to know how clean is the water, always remember even if it looks clear, we certainly can't drink it! Nor should we eat the fish unless we follow the regional guidelines. For the fish and other critters who live in the water, a lot of different factors all affect their habitat, like: In urban areas, it is especially important to protect our important natural resources - like the Bronx River - through resource planning, policy-making, and regional coordination. Here are some documents and resources that can help you learn more:

Watershed Planning and Policy
Storm Water Infrastructure Matters (SWIM) Coalition

Rainwater Harvesting in the Bronx River Watershed and Beyond