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Ecological Restoration

The Ecological Restoration and Management Program works to protect, restore, and manage the Bronx River corridor and Greenway. The Bronx River Ecology Team—a committee of scientists, community activists, and public agency representatives— provides guidance to help the Alliance set priorities and identify the most pressing ecological restoration projects for the community and the river.

We tackle these projects, using rigorous science, sound planning and research, with participation and involvement from the community. We organize and lead teams—including students learning about environmental management—to restore trash-strewn and polluted areas of the river, remove invasive species, and plant native species, while continuously monitoring river conditions. Our actions lead to better environmental policy and planning in both the city and the region, which in turn expands and strengthens other efforts to restore the watershed.

To learn more about hands-on restoration of the Bronx River or the Eco Team, contact Michelle Luebke at 718.430.4690 or

Have you seen people swimming the in the Bronx River? The river isn’t quite clean enough yet, but as an advocacy effort we need to show that people are using the river for swimming and recreation to demonstrate the need for clean water. Click the link below to fill out a short, anonymous survey.

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