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Student Research Projects

The Bronx River Alliance encourages students to use the river as a learning laboratory. Many exceptional individual and class projects have used the ecological restoration of the river and the development of the Bronx River Greenway as research topics. Please contact us at 718.430.4665 if you are interested in partnering with the Alliance on a research project. View results of past student research projects soon on this web page. To submit student research projects or other relevant student work click here.

Want  to conduct an in class and outdoor activity with your students OR need a follow up lesson idea? Click here for the 2016 DOE project idea letter created by the Alliance Education and Ecology team.

Apprentices at partner organization, Rocking the Boat, created the above educational poster to inform visitors of pathogens present in the river! Do you have Bronx River related student work to share?! Sent it over along with the name of the school, grade and photo credit to our Education staff HERE.

Have you implemented the Project WASTE program within your school or community organization?! Share your project through the NOAA Bow Seat 2017 Creative Advocacy Competitionfor Marine Debris and compete for up to $5,000 in awards.