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Bronx River Greenway Master Plans

We've got big plans for the Bronx River!

In 2005, the Alliance published the Bronx River Greenway Plan laying out a vision for a restored river and a continuous Bronx River Greenway in the lower Bronx River. And, in 2009, the Bronx River Alliance, together with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects, P.C. developed a new vision for Shoelace Park and Fort Knox in the northern Bronx.

The Bronx River Greenway Plan – The greenway is not only an eight-mile-long bike/pedestrian path, but a new linear park in the heart of the Bronx, providing access to the river itself, and bringing green space to communities that have long lacked it. When complete, the Bronx River Greenway will include 10-miles of trails, 2-miles of which are located on-street, for a continuous system of parks and trails along the Bronx River in New York City. The Bronx River Greenway also connects to an additional 13-miles north along the Bronx River Parkway for a total of 23-miles of leisure trails for running, walking, biking, and exploration that extends to the Kensico Dam. Be sure to experience the interactive Greenway Master Plan and here to view the full plan.

Shoelace Master Plan – The Shoelace Master Plan was crafted with the input of community members through a participatory process to develop a vision for the long over-looked one-and-a-half mile-long stretch of parkland along the Bronx River in the North Bronx. The Shoelace Park master plan has already triggered several positive initiatives for Shoelace Park including the development of the Friends of Shoelace Park and the awarding of funds to further improvements to the trails, erosion control throughout the park, and the integration of green infrastructure features.

Explore Shoelace Park, and the plans that community members of the Bronx have come together to create, by visiting the following links.

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Existing Conditions of Shoelace Park | Part A, Part B, Part C
Recommendations for Shoelace Park | Part A1, Part A2, Part B, Part C

Also, please visit the website for more information.