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Calendar of Events

Events for August 2017

August 25, 2017 (10:00 - 1:00)
Project WASTE Volunteer Event
Muskrat Cove Trash Boom

Project WASTE is one of the Bronx River Alliance's Citizen Science stewardship project focused on source-reduction of trash pollution. As of June 2016 there has been two installed trash booms that capture flotable trash in the Bronx River. This event is part of our hands-on outreach strategy which includes trash collection and assessment. As a volunteer you will count, assess and remove trash from the Muskrat Cove boom and tally the flotable trash into distinct categories. Information on the quantity, toxicity, material, and brands of trash will help to identify sources of pollution and to eventually inform communities, buisnessess and municipal officials.

Meet at: Woodlawn Metro North Parking Lot: East 233rd Street near Webster Avenue

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August 25, 2017 (6pm)
Bronx Park East Community Association: Free Zumba
Bronx Park East / Waring Avenue

Join Bronx Park East Community Association for FREE Zumba outdoors! Boogie along the Bronx River with instructor Dena Sarauw Bring friends and family of all ages. Make sure to bring water and comfortable clothing.