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Calendar of Events

Events for May 2017

May 13, 2017 (8:30a-3:00p)
The Amazing Bronx River Flotilla
Shoelace Park (219th and Bronx Blvd.) to Hunts Point Riverside Park

Flotilla Annoucement:

Due to the predictions of heavy rain on Saturday May 13, lingering on until Sunday morning, we cannot guarantee a safe paddling experience this weekend. We evaluate multiple factors when making these tough calls including the potential for newly-downed trees/blockages, dangerous river currents, impaired water quality due to combined sewer overflows, and strong winds.

Instead we would like to invite you to join us
Saturday July 15 for the Celebration of River House, "the greenest building in the South Bronx". The celebration will include music, dance, food, games and sporting activities at Starlight Park. And, paddlers who signed up for the Amazing Bronx River Flotilla will compete in a 5K Canoe Challenge.