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View "The Current", Our Newsletter

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  • December 2016, The Bronx River as a Museum, Everyday Heroes Honoree, Bronx River Watershed Summit, Chinese Delegation visits the River, Farewell to our Seasonal Apprentices
  • November 2016, Bronx River Watershed Summit, NYBG Fall Forest Weekend, Bunkerfish, Shoelace Park Improvements, Oyster Monitoring, 20th Annual Tour de Bronx, Bronx River Ramble, Trash Boom Cleanups
  • October 2016, Fall on the Bronx River, Upstream Soiree recap, Starlight Phase 2 Groundbreaking,  ICC Cleanup at Soundview, Bronx River in Brazil, Black Crowned Night Heron Spotted
  • September 2016, International Coastal Cleanup, NYT feature, We Boogied Up the Bronx River, A Day in the Life of the Bronx River.   
  • August 2016, A Day in the Life of the Bronx River, An Upstream Soiree, Bronx River House, Boogie Up the Bronx River, Get Moving on the River, Safety on and By the Water, SWALE has arrived!,
  • July 2016, A Day in the Life of the Bronx River, Seen on the River, Swale: A Floating Food Forest, Celebration of the 100k planting, The Great Fish Count, Oysters, Alewife, & Eels... Oh My!, Welcome New Crew, Safety on the River.
  • June 2016, Oysters, Alewife and Eels... Oh My!, A Day in the Life of the Bronx River, Wade into the Bronx River, Water Safety Tips, Volunteers Galore!, Volunteer of the Year Award, Welcome New Crew, Thank You for an Amazing Bronx River Flotilla.
  • May 2016, 1 Day From Amazing Bronx River Flotilla, Remembering Ruth Anderberg, Welcome New Crew, Fish & Eel Migration on the River, Volunteers Galore!, Oysters, Alewives & Eels... Oh My!, Wade into the River for World Fish Migration Day.
  • April 2016, 1 Month From Amazing Bronx River Flotilla, Paddle and Pick-Up Trips, Spring Migration on the River, Get Moving on the River, Volunteers from Patagonia, Make Earth Day Everyday, Wade into the River for World Fish Migration Day.
  • March 2016, Oil Spill on the Bronx River, Winter Conservation Crew, Bioswales in Soundview, Oysters, Alewife and Eels... Oh My! Contest, Beavers Move North?, Hows Your Parks NYC?, Bronx Parks Speak Up.
  • Febuary 2016, Winter Assembly Highlights, Bronx River Stewards, Sustainable South Bronx BEST Academy, Welcome To, Oysters, Alewife and Eels...Oh My! Contest.




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The Alliance works in close partnership with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and with over 100 other partners to reclaim the Bronx River.
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