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View "The Current", Our Newsletter


View "The Current", Our Newsletter

The Bronx River Alliance is constantly working to share the latest developments, new stories, and events along the Bronx River with the community. Stay up-to-date with the Bronx River, click here and sign up for our mailing list.

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  • October 2017, Soiree: Don't Forget!, ICC Recap, Inside River House, Make Your Voice Heard, Foodway Launch, SWALE, Celebrating the Bronx River, Air Quality along the Bronx River Greenway, Membership Benefits. 
  • September 2017, Soiree: Three honorees, Staff Retreat, Meet Roderick Bell, Fish Popping, Habitat for Monarchs, Watershed Project, Foodway, New Staff, Membership Benefits.
  • August 2017, Save The Date: Soiree, Paddle & Pickup: Bloomberg, Meet Nicole Porco, Thank You!, Foodway & SWALE, Make Your Voice Heard, Volunteers in Action, Membership Benefits.
  • July 2017, River House Celebration, The Great Fish Count, Foodway & Food Forest, Make Your Voice Heard, Valerie Chernow Award, Day of Service, Membership Benefits.
  • June 2017, River House Celebration, Fumewort, Estuary Award, Foodway: Conceptual Design, Water Quality Monitoring, Welcome to Our Team, Interested in the Bronx River?, Membership Benefits  
  • May 2017, Earth Day Celebration, Designing a Foodway, Our Team is Getting Bigger!, Join Our Team, Water Summit, Long Term Control Plan, 2017 Membership Benefits
  • April 2017, 1 Month to Go, Bronx River Bounces Back, Sheridan Expressway, Christadora Service Project, Ready for Eels & Fish, Bronx River as Laboratory, Join Bronx River Team, 2017 Membership Benefits
  • March 2017, Bronx River Receieves Community Development Award, New Leadership, Bronx River Sweep, Join the Bronx River Team, 2017 Membership Benefits
  • February 2017, Are You Ready?, Volunteers from Sustainable South Bronx, Join the Bronx River Team, Volunteer in 2017, Community Resilience, Speak up for Bronx Parks!, 2017 Membership Benefits
  • January 2017, New Year Resolutions, Southern Blvd Neighborhood, Project WASTE, 2017 Membership.




For information about a specific Bronx River Alliance team, please contact the following:


Bronx River Alliance Board: Kellie Terry-Sepulveda (718) 542-4138; Maarten de Kadt (212) 255-4403; or Linda Cox, (718) 430-4668.


Greenway Team: Claudia Ibaven,, (718) 430 4618; Tahira Khan, or Nilka Martell,


Ecological Restoration & Management Team: Michelle Luebke,  (718) 430 4690; Angela Tovar,; or Eric Sanderson,


Education Program:Kathalene Lamboy, (718) 430-4614; 

Outreach Program: Joseph Sanchez,, (718) 430-4636


The Bronx River Alliance thanks our supporters for making the Bronx River a true resource for all New Yorkers!


The Alliance works in close partnership with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and with over 100 other partners to reclaim the Bronx River.
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