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Monthly Newsletter (Archive)

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Rescheduled Bronx River Festival; Tree Care and Family Day; Oyster Reef Installation; New Bike Lane Along 222nd St Connect to Starlight Park; A Look at Our Upcoming Events. July 2013

Bronx River Festival; River Park Temporarily Closed for Construction; Guided Walks, Biking and Canoeing Events to Kick-off the Summer Season. June 2013

Don't Miss the Amazing Bronx River Flotilla on May 11 at Starlight Park; Shoelace 10K Photos; 222nd Street Bike Lanes Coming This Summer; Migrating Eels Spotted on the Bronx River. May 2013

Lace Up for the Shoelace 10K Fun Run/Walk; A New Twist to the Amazing Bronx River Flotilla, the Starlight 5K; Great Blue Heron Spotted on the River. April 2013

Registration Is Open For the Amazing Bronx River Flotilla and the First Ever Starlight 5K Canoe Challenge; Wade into the Bronx River Education Series; Our First Ramble Tour of the Season. March 2013

Friends and Partners Gather to Celebrate the River at the Winter Assembly; Starlight Park Officially Open. February 2013

NY Times Highlights Starlight Park's Missing Link; NY Magazine Lists Bronx River As A Top Reason to Love NY; Blue Heron Spotted on the River. January 2013

Launch of Starlight Park, Bridge the Gap Campaign and the Completion of Starlight Park Phase 2. December 2012

The Bronx River After Sandy; The Concrete Plant Park Floodplain Successfully Stores Flood and Disperses it Back to the Bronx River, November 2012

Upstream Soiree a Big Success and the Department of Environmental Protection's First Bluebelt Stormwater Retention Wetland, October 2012

Bronx River Designated a National Water Trail & International Coastal Cleanup in Soundview Park, September 2012

Greenway & Green Infrastructure Projects Completed in Shoelace Park and new Greenway Link Goes under Construction, August 2012

Bronx River Festival a Smash, Montefiore Volunteers Make a Difference in Shoelace Park, July 2012

Bronx River Conservation Crew Mentors and Trains Young Adults, June 2012

The 13th annual Flotilla Kicks-Off Bronx River Alliance's Recreation Season - May 2012

The Greenway Team Explores Missing Links on Greenway - April 2012

The Bronx River Thrives and Volunteers Tackle Rubbish at Concrete Plant Park - March 2012

Winter Assembly to Celebrate the River's Return to the Wild - February 2012

 Bronx River Goes Mobile - January 2012

Green Roofs Grown in the Bronx - December 2011

Month of the Mighty Volunteer - November 2011

Four key founders of BxRA (Upstream Soiree) - October 2011

Latino USA on Bronx River youth - September

          The Bronx River: An Environmental and Social History is released - July 2011

           Rolling Along the River Day - June 2011