Explore the Bronx River

There are many ways to explore the Bronx River.

Join us on a paddle

Check out our paddling schedule for a full listing of all of our organized paddling trips this summer & fall season.

For more information about our public canoe events or about organizing a private canoe trip for your organization or a class trip, contact paddle@bronxriver.org.

Take a walk along the river.

Get out your bike or blades and reacquaint yourself with the deep pools and sparkling surfaces of this free flowing little water body. Bring a friend, a fishing rod; organize a picnic or ball game: remind people of this river that shares its name with a borough, a parkway, an avenue and a cheer. Here we provide a number of resources to help guide you in your journey along the river.


PaddleWalking, and Cycling





We have big plans for the river! You can read more about the Bronx River Greenway Master Plans. And join us for one of our Bronx River Rambles, volunteer-led walks along the river exploring the cultural and natural history of Bronx River neighborhoods.