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Foodway Team

The Bronx River Foodway Team, comprised of community-based and agency stakeholders, organizers, and advocates, guides the planning and activation of the Bronx River Foodway, an edible food forest inside Concrete Plant Park. The team serves as a standing community and technical advisory committee, providing a unique and consistent forum for dialogue about the design, implementation and priorities for the Foodway. The team is also committed to activating the Foodway and promoting its use. Team members play a critical role in planning and executing events that bring people to the Foodway to steward the land, learn, forage, and connect with eachother.

Team Co-Chair (s)

Jah Mars

Lashette Williams

Upcoming Team Meetings

The Foodway Team meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month virtually via Zoom at 5:30PM. Register for the upcoming team meetings by clicking HERE

Contact Information

For more information about the Foodway Team, please contact Foodway Coordinator, Nathan Hunter at foodway@bronxriver.org.