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Values Statement

The Bronx River Alliance is committed to practicing and upholding the values of inclusion, collaboration, environmental justice, responsiveness, communication, ecological restoration, innovation, respect, integrity and public access.

These statements taken together represent the overarching values of The Bronx River Alliance. They do not stand alone rather each complements and supports the others in guiding us in how to achieve our vision and mission.

1. Inclusion: We value the full range of human diversity and seek to involve diverse populations in our staff, board, volunteers and partners.

2. Collaboration: We value working together with a wide range of partners to bring together the resources perspectives, and ideas necessary to realize our vision.

3. Environmental Justice: We value environmental justice and community empowerment, through commitments to public participation, principles of sustainability, transparency and self-determination.

4. Responsiveness: We are committed to responding to the ever-changing needs along the river dynamically and creatively.

5. Communication: We have an obligation to communicate. Here we take the time to talk with one another and to listen. We believe that information is meant to move and that information moves people.

6. Urban Ecology/ Ecological Restoration: We believe that connecting people both physically and emotionally to River deepens the public’s appreciation of nature and the commitment to protect it.

7. Innovation: We pride ourselves on executing cutting edge solutions to complex problems.

8. Respect: We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves we do not tolerate abusive or disrespectful treatment.

9. Integrity: We work with communities openly, honestly and sincerely. We act with integrity honesty and respect. Be open honest and fair in all relationships. Treat each other with dignity and respect.

10. Public Access: We work to promote physical access to and onto the river.

11. Communities as our foundation: Many of our values are born out of our desire to empower communities. We value and respect community needs, priorities, input, participation, and independence.

12. Environment: We will practice what we preach through use of “green products” for our operations, an office recycling program, and utilization of local businesses whenever possible.

13. Enjoying our work and each other: We have fun and value a sense of humor.