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Bronx River Ramble: Hartsdale to Scarsdale

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Come explore the new pathway that connects what used to be one of the #BronxRiver Pathway’s “missing links.”
This all-new multi-use pathway was opened in July after nearly two years of construction. Its 1.6-mile route connects seamlessly with the previously existing portions of the Bronx River Pathway. While cyclers whizz by on the car-less Bronx River Parkway for “Bicycle Sunday,” we’ll enjoy an inaugural tour of this new route, and hear some of its stories along the way, including the remains of the Haubold Mill, the “Gunpowder House,” the strange tale of the guerillas in Butler Woods, the lonesome Pipeline Road, the Rocks of Scilly, the remarkable Crane Road Bridge, and a lost commuter footpath.

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