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Community Soil Testing Days

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Concrete Plant Park – Westchester avenue, bronx, ny 10472
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City soils can sometimes carry toxic metals like lead! Learn how to test for metals in soil and keep our community safe from contamination!

How to prepare a soil sample for testing:

1. Dig a small amount of surface soil from 3- 5 areas in your garden, to create a “composite sample”.

2. Mix the soil sample, removing twigs, pebbles, or debris and transfer to plastic bag.

3. Bring sample to concrete plant park from 1- 3 pm Sunday, March 20/ Saturdays April 2 + June 4.

Sampling Depth:

  1. Lawn/ Grass – 3-4″
  2. Vegetables – 6-8″
  3. Other plants – 6-8 “
  • Include surface soil!

For more information reach out to Nathan at Foodway@bronxriver.org or 718-542-4124.
Community Soil Testing