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Quick Pickling and Lacto-Fermentation

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Bronx River House (1490 Sheridan Blvd)
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Follow along with Journei Bimwala of Bronx River Alliance and Candace Thompson of Solar One at Stuy Cove Park as they share easy ways to make wild foods into delectable drinks and tasty snacks fit for a Wild Food Banquet. LIVE streamed to viewers through the Bronx River Alliance YouTube Channel (Youtube.com/BronxRiverAlliance), participants will build a new relationship with the wild plants growing all around them. You’ll never see the weeds in your tree pit the same ever again. 

October 8 / 3:30pm : Quick Pickling and Lacto-Fermentation

Understand how to “quick pickle” and lacto ferment plants for immediate enjoyment taking home sauerkraut you can enjoy well into the depths of winter. 

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