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Seeding Power: the art, ethics and practice of seedkeeping, a zoom panel

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Did you know that 60% of the world’s seed stock is now owned by only 4 corporations?! Did you know that one of our largest global seedbanks– the “Doomsday Vault” in Svalbard, Norway is under increasing threat due to climate crisis? If you love to eat, then you’ve gotta love seeds, so on Friday November 5th from 7-8pm join Stuy Cove Park and The Bronx River Foodway via zoom for a conversation about a small act with a huge impact: community seedkeeping. We’ll be joined by Jacqueline Pilati of Reclaim Seed NYC, Sheryll Durant and Renee Keitt  Kelly Street Garden, and Anne Percoco and Ellie Irons from the Next Epoch Seed Library to tease apart the many practical, ethical, and cultural reasons behind this (r)evolutionary practice. It’s up to us to ensure a fruitful future, so come get started seedkeeping with us! Register via tinyurl.com/seedkeepers