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The black terra preta of the Amazon was an intentionally engineered farming soil. Aztec chinampas made elegant use of local watersheds to feed the massive city of Tenochtitlán, and John Muir’s beloved “wilderness” was once anything but, thanks to the many tribes that stewarded the ecosystem to fecundity. 

Humans have shaped their landscapes wherever they go, dramatically altering flora and fauna populations either to everyone’s mutual benefit or inevitable annihilation. As we grapple with climate chaos caused by the constructs of colonialism, extraction, and dehumanization we must stop and ask ourselves, “What IS wild?” 

Join BIPOC land stewards, educators, and activists Katharhy F, Rodrick Bell, and Alexis Nikole Nelson as they unpack the historical and contemporary implications of BIPOC land stewardship from urban foraging to ancestral traditions to contemporary Indigi-nomics. Come ready to listen and unlearn. 

Register by visiting tiny.url/whatwild or by clicking HERE.