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Location Along the Bronx River

Advertisement : Safety

We want you to have FUN and be SAFE while on the water.

Safety Points
We want you to have FUN and be SAFE while on the water.

To help you, here are some additional Safety Guidelines:

Obtain a NYC Parks access permit.
Do not paddle alone.
Paddlers enter the water at their own risk.
All paddlers must wear a United States Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (PFD).
Be aware of weather, tides and currents.
Be aware of power boats & other personal watercraft.
Notify someone not on your trip of your plans and check in when you return.
Carry a spare paddle.
Bring appropriate safety, rescue, and navigational aids;
more than adequate food and water; and extra protective clothing.
Do not let children near the water, river banks, or access sites without adult supervision.
Launch Rules Prohibit
Swimming, diving, or wading (this includes pets).
Dogs off leash.
Littering or dumping debris.
Any discharge into water.
Camping or open fires.
Storage of personal property or boats left unattended.