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Location Along the Bronx River

Hunts Point Riverside Park – BOAT

Hunts Point Riverside Park offered residents of the Hunts Point neighborhood their first waterfront access in over 60 years when it opened in 2006.

The park features a floating dock, amphitheatre, tables, grills, and a spray shower play area. South of the park is the Hunts Point Food Distribution Center, the largest food distribution center in the world. This facility occupies all of the land on the west (right) bank to the mouth of the river.

Tidal movement may be incredibly strong at certain times of day. Mud flats during low tide may also make portaging at beach and dock incredibly difficult. Please calculate wind and tides before use of this portage.

This portage is ideal for persons driving their boating vessel as there is a parking lot a short distance from the entrance to the park.