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February 2010: Woodchipping and volunteers

Cathy woodchipping behind Allerton ballfields 2-1-10

January 2010 we welcomed two new volunteers to our staff.  Kathy and Monet are with us on different days of the week.  Kathy is with us on Mondays, while Monet is with us Monday and Wednesday.  So far, February has consisted of painting over defaced properties, woodchipping, and water quality testing. 

Kathy and Monet showed alot of interest in the water quality test.  For which they mixed chemicals with the crew, performed a nitrate test, a salinity test, and a dissolved oxygen test.  Most of our downed trees this month were in the North Forest and South Forest, extensive work was needed in both areas of the park.  The volunteers also learned safety techniques on woodchipping and forest restoration.  During woodchipping operations the volunteers learned to feed trees from the root end to the canopy.  Additionally, they were trained on the safety bar’s uses and life saving ability.  They learned that while feeding the chipper you are best off to do so from the sides, but never from the center as this could pull you into the woodchipper.

Monet woodchipping behind Allerton ballfields

Kathy and Monet assisted us with other aspects of our job. We painted under Duncomb Bridge because graffiti has no place in our river corridor; French Charley’s container had to be painted as well.  Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that due to tree growth and establishment we were able to remove fencing protecting our 2008 Million Trees site and two plots in Shoelace Park.


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