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Sewage Pollution Right to Know Historical Data through May 2017 Posted

This week, historical sewage discharge report data through mid-May 2017 was posted on DEC’s Sewage Discharge Reports webpage. The data comes from NY-Alert reports to DEC of untreated and partially treated sewage discharges, as required by the 2013 Sewage Pollution Right to Know law.

Historical data is added to the website periodically in batches. Notifications of discharges for the last 7 days are located on the Recent NY-Alert Sewage Spill Notifications webpage.

More about Sewage Pollution Right to Know and Alerts

The law builds public awareness about where sewage pollution is entering waterbodies and helps to document wastewater infrastructure needs. The NY-Alert notifications help the public avoid contact with waterbodies that may contain bacteria that can cause illness while boating, fishing or swimming.

Visit the Sewage Pollution Right to Know webpage to learn how to receive sewage spill notifications by phone, text or email.


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