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Citi Bike Comes to the Bronx!

Founded in 2013, Citibike is New York’s bike share program. Users can “unlock” a bike from a series of stations around New York City and ride the bike for a set amount of time before docking at another station. Users can pay for either a day pass, or a monthly or yearly subscription, and discount rates are available for low income New Yorkers.

Citibike has been an amazing resource for both travel and recreation. The bikeshare system has been critical in last mile trips, bridging gaps in transit deserts and easing commutes for thousands of New Yorkers. It has also been a great recereational resource providing bikes to many for exercise or leisure. Finally, these benefits are being extended to Bronxites.

Map of Citibike expansion phases

The Phase 3 expansion has already started to bring bikes into the Bronx and further into Queens, Harlem, and Brooklyn. Roll out has already begun in Bronx Community Board 1 and Citibike is now doing outreach for Bronx Community Boards 2,3, and 4.

This is where we need your help! As part of their outreach efforts, Citibike is accepting suggestions on new station locations. Community Boards 2 and 3 are adjacent to Concrete Plant Park and Starlight Park, and with stations placed in the right location, Citibike could become a valuable resource for park goers. To vote on stations adjacent to the Bronx River Greenway and suggest stations in other locations you think would be valuable click here.

Be sure to vote soon! Voting closes in the next few days.

To read more about Citibike and the Phase 3 expansion, click here


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