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River House made a part of Advanced Flood Warning System: FloodNet

floodnet Sensor River House

Check out this story from NY1 about an important addition to River House that we supported back in January!

NYC has been experiencing increasing rates of flash flooding from increased short-range storm systems called “cloudbursts”. These systems drop an excess of water in a short amount of time over a short area that storm drain systems weren’t meant to handle. The FloodNet sensor system is a network of flood sensors that will provide, for the first time, real-time data on where excess stormwater runs and stays in the city. Over the next five years, the city, relying on a team of academics from CUNY and New York University, plans to install 500 sensors in places across the city that see routine flooding. So far, they’ve put up 28, with a couple in clusters in the south Bronx. River House now has a gateway receiver device that records and distributes data from local sensors and is a part of that advanced flood warning system. Very soon we will be able to check on flooding events in the South Bronx just as easily as we can check air pollution. The task force also asks for input from residents about areas in which they’ve noticed excess water has previously pooled. If you or your family have noticed areas of flooding in any part of NYC you can submit a report here. To learn more about the program go to FloodNet.nyc.


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