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“A Day in the Life of the Hudson and Harbor”

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On Thursday, October 22nd, the Bronx River Alliance Education program participated in DEC’s 18th Annual "A Day in the Life of the Hudson and Harbor." This year was a very different year, as we were unable to host students in-person at Concrete Plant Park to collect data. Due to social-distancing regulations put in place regarding the pandemic, DEC opted for a virtual event where partner organizations would go out on their own and film a short video about a specific parameter of water quality that could be measured at their site. We were also given the wonderful opportunity to meet virtually with participating classes at Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics, and Pelham Prep Academy to teach them all about water quality in the Bronx River so that when they see our video they are prepared with the knowledge they need to make predictions about the river’s health. A huge thank you to DEC for organizing such a wonderful event, and to Patrick Callahan of BXCSM and Zachary Itzkowitz of PPA for continuing to educate their students on the importance of the Bronx River, and shaping them into the environmental leaders of our future. Overall, this event does a fantastic job at showing students how the Bronx River fits into the larger picture of other New York waterways, and how the health of the Bronx River can impact both the ecosystems within the river, and those surrounding it, including our own communities.

To check out the full video, click here.


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The Bronx River Alliance is a coordinated voice for the river that works in partnership to protect, improve and restore the Bronx River corridor so that it can be a healthy ecological, recreational, resource for the communities through which it flows.

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