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Bronx River Alliance launches membership campaign!


Get behind the effort that is transforming a river, neighborhoods, and an entire borough – become a charter member of the Bronx River Alliance today!

Once declared an open sewer, the Bronx River is now a source of community pride, a recreational and educational resource for all to enjoy. We’ve done it by hauling out 657 tons of garbage, 89 cars and nearly 30,000 tires, appliances, bicycles and furniture, planting 90,000 trees and creating 18 acres of new waterfront parkland. See our full list of accomplishments since 2001.

Ours is a community in action. And this an historic act of hands-on environmental justice, reclaiming blighted areas suffering from years of environmental degradation, disregard and neglect. Nearly 10,000 volunteers have devoted almost 100,000 hours to restoring the river, and dozens of local organizations have incorporated river restoration into their work


About the Bronx River Alliance

The Bronx River Alliance is a coordinated voice for the river that works in partnership to protect, improve and restore the Bronx River corridor so that it can be a healthy ecological, recreational, resource for the communities through which it flows.

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