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Celebrate WATERWASH ABC All Summer


On Sunday, June 22nd, artist Lillian Ball and Rocking the Boat kicked off WATERWASH Welcomes, a series of public celebrations of WATERWASH ABC, a green infrastructure project & a restored strip of riverbank on the Bronx River across from Concrete Plant Park. Rocking the Boat is a Bronx River Alliance partner that teaches Bronx students how to build and sail boats while educating them about costal ecosystems. Ball collaborated with these students to develop, plant, and eventually maintain the WATERWASH ABC project in order to empower them as potential experts and citizen scienctists about changes in the river. Read more about WATERWASH ABC here

A tour of the WATERWASH ABC project and river rowing excursion hosted by Rocking the Boat will be held on Saturday, July 12th as a part of the "City of Water Day in Your Neighborhood." To reserve your spot for this event, email info@waterwash.org and visit the event’s page hereCheck back for further information about July 12th’s "City of Water Day in Your Neighborhood" on our Calendar.

Watch News12’s segment about the project’s kick-off event here

Additional WATERWASH Welcomes events will take place on Friday, August 15, Friday, September 19, and Saturday, October 18

The WATERWASH ABC project’s shoreline. Concrete Plant Park on opposite riverbank.

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