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DOT Begins Safe Connections Work Below Concrete Plant Park

IMG_5870 Bruckner cyclist crop(3)

The New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) recently began work on new planned safety improvements designed to make it easier to walk and bike to Concrete Plant Park.

The city recently re-paved portions of Bruckner Boulevard in the area adjacent to Concrete Plant Park. Now that repaving is complete, the NYC DOT is adding features that will make it safer to go between the south end of Concrete Plant Park and the Bryant Avenue pedestrian bridge, three blocks west. The pedestrian bridge connects to Hunts Point neighborhoods. The majority of the work is at and around the three-way intersection of Bruckner Boulevard, Longfellow Avenue and Whitlock Avenue.

The project includes:
– adding parking on Whitlock Avenue
– shared bike/ped markings on Bruckner Boulevard sidewalk
– two-way barrier-protected bike lane along Bruckner from Bryant to Longfellow

In related news, work is nearly 100% done on NYC DOT safe street improvements between Concrete Plant Park and Starlight Park. NYC DOT began installing these improvements in July. The nearly complete safety features are located on Westchester Avenue and Edgewater Road (Sheridan Expressway frontage road.)  Some signage and some delineators will be installed soon, but the new signal, lane and crosswalk striping, and painted sidewalk extensions are already in place, and looking great!

Below is a photo of the new "sharrows" (shared lane markings – for bike routes) on Westchester Avenue.

Have you walked/ridden these streets lately? What do you think of the changes?


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