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Featured Partner: Drew Gardens

Drew 2

Summer is in full swing, and programming at Drew Gardens is too! Drew Gardens recently hosted The Girl Scouts of Greater New York on July 24th, where they learned about nature and pollinators. Click here to watch their News12 Feature!

Additionally, this summer Drew Gardens has welcomed the addition of two beehives! The hives on site are bursting with activity as the bees work to build comb and create enough honey to store for the upcoming winter. The beehives are open for observation to the public; and Drew Gardens is looking for additional volunteer beekeepers and apiarists to help maintain them!

Last but not least, every Saturday at 3pm, join Mario Figueroa for a FREE relaxing and enlightening yoga session for the community. All are welcome to join: bringing your own mat is suggested, but additional mats are available if needed.

For more information on Drew Gardens and how to get involved, email bxdrewgarden@gmail.com.


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