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LA Streets Blog: Lessons from NYC- Greenway Success Through Interdepartmental Collaboration

Our former greenway director, Joe Linton, has written a great post on LA StreetsBlog on the lessons he learned on the East Coast, specifically on the Bronx River, that are applicable to the LA River and Los Angeles as a whole. He writes:

"What happens in NYC that I haven’t seen in L.A is significant inter-departmental collaboration. While greenways are neither of these departments’ core mission, both NYC DOT and NYC Parks have staff that work on the city’s greenways. Both departments seek funding for, design, build and maintain greenway trails…

One welcome practice that I’ve observed back east is that NYC DOT fills in greenway path gaps between parks using on-street bike facilities. One example that I was involved in was a quarter-mile gap closure bordering Westchester Avenue in the South Bronx. When contamination and right-of-way issues prevented NYC Parks from moving forward with a bike/walk path immediately alongside the Bronx River, the NYC DOT added crosswalks, bike lanes, sharrows, and a bike/ped crossing signal. These on-street facilities close a gap between existing river paths in two nearby parks, Concrete Plant Park and Starlight Park."

Be sure to read the whole post here!


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