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Pursue Porcelain-Berry Challenge!

porcelain berry

Everyone can help protect our forests from invasive species. This month, take the Pursue Porcelain-Berry challenge.

What is porcelain-berry?
Porcelain-berry (Ampelopsis glandulosa) was introduced to North America from Asia in 1887 as a ground cover and horticultural curiosity. In recent years it has become one of the most destructive invasive plants in the eastern United States. Like Kudzu, another non-native invasive vine, it smothers trees and within a few years can transform a forest into an unhealthy monoculture.

How can I help?
The Pursue Porcelain-Berry Challenge invites people from all boroughs to photograph porcelain-berry anywhere in the City and upload it to iNaturalist, an easy to use, free program. Your observations will help map infestations across the City and assist management efforts in our parks, gardens and open spaces.


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