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Swale: A Floating Food Forest Arrives at Concrete Plant Park


The Swale project, a Floating Food Forest, has arrived at Concrete Plant Park and it’s functioning as a community space providing healthy free edibles for everyone. The purpose of the Swale project is to spark the imagination and offer the community the opportunity to create new ways of thinking about public food in public spaces. Along with providing free vegetables & herbs, partners have collaborated to host various programming that include a Movie Night, Family Day, Paddling & other free activities for the community to enjoy at Concrete Plant Park.

The Swale project is open Wednesday to Sunday’s 12pm-7pm. For guided tours of the 130 feet by 40 feet barge please contact Youth Ministries for Peace & Justice at 718 328 5622×16. For more information about the project visit www.swaleny.org

Find out more about the project in the Bronx River by checking these media articles:
The Wall Street Journal: An Artist Floats an Edible Forest. By Susan Delson. July 28, 2016.
NY1 News: Swale Bring Farm-Grown Food to a Bronx River Barge. By Eric Clarke. July 22, 2016.



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