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Victory for the river! Styrofoam is banned in NYC & Westchester Counties


Soon, styrofoam take-out containers and packing peanuts will be a thing of the past along the river! NYC passed a styrofoam ban in 2018 that went into effect on Jan 1, 2019. This law prohibits retailers from selling items using foam take-out containers, packing peanuts or coolers. 

On June 13, Westchester County also passed a ban on styrofoam that will go into effect in six months. (LoHud)

Both bans affect retailers only, not residents. We encourage residents to avoid purchasing foam cups, plates, coolers and other items, as this foam does not biodegrade but rather breaks down into small pellets which are dangerous for wildlife. Foam is also the #1 type of litter that we find in the river at the Westchester County line, so this ban is a huge victory for the river. For more informatino about the impact of trash on the river and to learn what you can do it about it, see our Project WASTE page


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The Bronx River Alliance is a coordinated voice for the river that works in partnership to protect, improve and restore the Bronx River corridor so that it can be a healthy ecological, recreational, resource for the communities through which it flows.

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