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Restoration in Action

Dedicated to the restoration of the only freshwater river in NYC. The primary issues facing the Bronx River today are from too much stormwater, invasive plant & animal species, and trash. 

The Ecological Restoration and Management unit works to protect, improve, and restore the Bronx River corridor.

Using rigorous science, sound planning, and community-driven involvement, we have set our sights on achieving a “fishable, swimmable” river, a goal set by the Clean Water Act.

To do this, we conduct on-the-ground ecological restoration projects, such as habitat restoration and streambank stabilization activities that are led by the Bronx River Conservation Crew and amplified by thousands of volunteers.

Our Team also advocates for sound policy and sustainable practices to improve the health of the Bronx River, and other local waterways.

At every step of the way, we are committed to ensuring that community voices are not just heard, but lead the way. To get involved, sign up here!

Find out more about the causes, solutions, and ways to get involved below!


To achieving a “fishable, swimmable” river, as defined and set by the Clean Water Act.

To learn more about hands-on restoration of the Bronx River or the Eco Team, contact Michelle Luebke at: michelle.lebke@bronxriver.org

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