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Joan Bennerson

Conservation Crew Apprentice

I grew up in Manhattan and my love of nature, gardening, and the out doors comes from my mother. We would go for walks through Central Park and she would tell me stories about the park and it was amazing. I got a real introduction when she sent me away to the farm for the summer. You learn to appreciate the fruits of your labor when you’re out there and you see the flowers bloom, or you’re picking fresh berries, and you’re standing beneath a great maple or an oak. Working here at the Bronx River Alliance, I can do all that and more. It’s getting down into the river to clean away debris, planting new trees, or working in the food way, it’s the preservation of what we have and how we can make it better. Everyone should share that joy of nature and gardening and if I can help preserve that for the next generation then I did my job. I just love the smell of fresh cut grass and rain in the morning. Contact info: joan.bennerson@bronxriver.org