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Kendra Guzman

Greenway and Outreach Intern

Kendra was born and raised in The Bronx. She is an undergraduate student at Lehman College studying Speech-Language Pathology and Education. Her passion for the outdoors ignited during her time at the New York Botanical Garden where she taught young children the importance and value of the environment around them. She is fascinated with verbal and non-verbal modes of communication among humans, animals, and nature. Before becoming the Greenway and Outreach Intern for the Bronx River Alliance, she was a Starlight Park Evaluator collecting data on how people interact with the park, which fueled a curiosity for the park and the Bronx River. In her free time, she paints landscapes of scenic views of nature and takes her dog to his monthly pug meet-up with his friends. Contact info: kendra.guzman@bronxriver.org