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Siddhartha Sanchez

Executive Director

Siddhartha Sanchez is a lifelong environmental activist who centers racial and economic justice, deeply believing in the power of nature to heal and build community. Siddhartha’s work with the Bronx River Alliance began in 2004 as staff for Rep. José E. Serrano where he stewarded federal support for capital projects outlined in the Bronx River Watershed Plan, including Concrete Plant Park, River House, and Starlight Park. 

Siddhartha’s longstanding commitment to the River and its communities has evolved over the years, and he has served as a partner, ally, and funder of the Alliance. After leaving government, Siddhartha’s support for the Alliance continued through grants he managed on behalf of the Simon Bolivar Foundation. Over the last seven years Siddhartha has consulted for local groups and aligned developers, advancing longstanding community development initiatives impacting the Bronx River, Soundview, and Hunts Point communities. 

Siddhartha’s passion for nature evolved to incorporate a deep conviction in the power of grassroots organizing to transform EJ neighborhoods. Foundational campaigns in Siddhartha’s career include the redevelopment of the Sheridan Expressway, shuttering the noxious sewage pelletizer plant NYOFCO, and organizing the inaugural season of the Bronx River Foodway at Concrete Plant Park.

Born and raised in Washington Heights along the Hudson River, Siddhartha is a lifelong cyclist, passionate paddler, and amateur farmer whose parents migrated from the Dominican Republic. He enjoys spending time with family, making meals from the garden, and being active. Contact info: siddhartha.sanchez@bronxriver.org