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Greenway Design Standards

Design elements incorporated along the Bronx River Greenway have been carefully crafted to ensure the consistent delivery of information while integrating design features of nearby trail systems.

Design Standards
The Bronx River Greenway runs through multiple jurisdictions, including the NYC parklands, NYS lands, the NY Botanical Garden, and the Bronx Zoo. This report provides a plan for a consistent design throughout the greenway, which will give the greenway a unique identity. It takes into account a variety of elements, including signage, benches, plants, and trash receptacles. Click here for BxR Greenway Design Standards.

Signage Standards
The Signage standards developed will regulate the precise wording of trail messages, the placement of off-route signs near access points, the materials to be used in the signs, and the digital artwork used on the signs. The signage will include two types of signs. Wayfinding signs will provide directional information towards a variety of amenities including kayak and canoe launches, restrooms, and nearby transportation. Orientation signs will provide maps and information on the local area in terms of the entire site. Click here for BxR Greenway Signage Standards.

Our partners for the Signage Program:

Studio L’image
environmental graphics, design and planning
Donna Walcavage landscape architecture and urban design