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Greenway Program

Building Parks and Trails

Join us in creating (and enjoying!) the Bronx River Greenway: a  ribbon of green space spanning the river from Westchester County to the Bronx

The Greenway includes a multi-use path for people, walking, running, or using wheeled devices. It connects communities along the Bronx River, North and South, and East and West.

Approximately 20 miles of the greenway trail are now in place. The Bronx River Alliance is working to ensure that a fully-realized 23-mile greenway becomes a reality. 

As the gaps in the Greenway are closed, the Bronx River Alliance will reclaim and restore the river access, green space, and improve the quality of life for Bronx residents.

Large portions of the greenway, such as Shoelace Park and stretches in Bronx Park, have been rehabilitated. In the South Bronx, we completed the greenway by developing new open space and parkland at sites including a reclaimed street end, former concrete plant, and former manufactured gas plant site. 

Our community focus ensures that Bronx residents join with designers and agency representatives to decide how parks will be designed and which projects will be implemented. This type of decision-making provides us all with invaluable experience that lays the groundwork for tackling other community problems.

A great deal of imagination, environmental remediation, and community connection has gone into the development of the Bronx River Greenway! 


The Greenway Program develops open spaces, restores existing parks and integrates them into a series of continuous parks and trails along the river—the Bronx River Greenway.

To learn more about the Greenway Program’s efforts to improve parks and trails along the Bronx River, reach out to Daniel Ranells at: daniel.ranells@bronxriver.org

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Accomplishments over the last few years include:

Acres of Improved Parkland (Capital Project)
Raised for Capital Projects
$ 0 M
Acres of New Parkland Created
Tires Removed
0 +

Current Projects

Starlight Park

Central to our restoration

Once an amusement park, Starlight Park remains central to the Bronx River Greenway restoration. Currently, we’re helping close a crucial 2/3-mile gap from the park to Westchester Avenue to ensure safe, continuous travel along the Greenway and provide access to 406,411 of Bronx residents and employees. 

Screen-Shot-2021-04-12-at-8.28.13-PM Screen-Shot-2021-04-12-at-8.28.29-PM

Shoelace Park

Adding a Boat Launch, Playgrounds and Trails!

As part of the Bronx River Greenway, Shoelace Park includes a boat launch, playgrounds, trails, and beautiful views. The upper path in the park used to be part of the original Bronx River Parkway… until cars got too fast for its curves! Shoelace Park is now part of the integrated series of parks along the river.  
Accomplishments include:

A closer look

Green infrastructure: improving water quality through Smart Parkland Development

Building resiliency while building the Bronx River Greenway

Every year, 27 billion gallons of raw sewage and polluted stormwater flows into New York City’s waterways via combined sewer overflows. Green infrastructure, such as rain gardens, green roofs, and rain barrels, keeps stormwater out of the sewer system and is a way to use stormwater as a resource rather than a source of pollution. We integrate green infrastructure into the development of the Bronx River Greenway whenever possible. Co-benefits include increased neighborhood green space and beautification, habitat creation, natural filtration of pollutants, carbon sequestration, cleaner air, and cooler temperatures.

The Greenway Team

Greenway planning and implementation

The Greenway Team, comprised of community-based and agency planners, designers, organizers and advocates, guides the planning and programming of the Bronx River Greenway.

The team is a standing community and technical advisory committee.

They provide a unique and consistent forum for dialogue about the design, implementation and priorities for the greenway.

The team is also committed to activating the greenway and promoting its use.

Team members also play a critical role in planning and executing events that bring people to the greenway to bike, walk, run, learn, play, and relax.

Contact Daniel Ranells at daniel.ranells@bronxriver.org. for information on the next meetings. 

  • In 2012, the Greenway Team documented what are some of the physical barriers that make it hard for bicyclists & pedestrians to get to and connect to different parks along the Bronx River Greenway in the south. Check out the video here!
  • In 2014, the Greenway Team documented traffic conditions near the north entrance to Starlight Park in the Bronx River Greenway System. Check out the video here!

For more information about the Greenway Team, please contact Greenway Coordinator, Daniel Ranells at daniel.ranells@bronxriver.org or the Greenway Team co-chairs Ed Mundo (bxmundo718@gmail.com), and Twahira Khan (btk2105@gmail.com).

Enjoy the greenway (walking, biking, strolling with family). and support its development through the Alliance. We’re happy you’re a part of our community. 

Join us in transforming
our community by getting
involved with the Alliance

Deepen your roots in transforming your own ecosystem: restoring the river, making the greenway viable for wildlife, creating parks and trails, growing food, and making this accessible to all. 


You’ll feel more part of this land and the people (and nature) living with it.