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The Bronx River is a rich learning laboratory. The Education Program helps schools and community organizations use the river as a classroom, engaging youth and adults in a variety of enjoyable and educational activities. Canoe trips, a key offering of our public education program, are an eye-opener to hundreds of people who explore the river by boat. Recreational walking tours are also popular and help introduce the community to the river’s wonders.

These experiences create an ecologically aware, involved community and foster the development of stewards who protect and improve the corridor and watershed. Many Bronx residents now understand the value of the river, the environmental threats it faces and their role in finding solutions.

The Bronx River Alliance’s Education Program enriches the learning experience of students in under-served schools by providing opportunities to learn by doing. It empowers student and resident volunteers by training them as water quality monitors. As they gather scientific data on the river’s health, they are also taught what they can do to improve it. As residents explore and connect with a river in their own back yard, their own quality of life improves.